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Rock Shots from 6 Decades – from 1967 until today

  Joan Baez
The Moody Blues
Steve Hackett
The Yardbirds
Dave Davies
The Cult
Inga Rumpf
Adrian Belew
Bob Dylan
Tony Levin
The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Udo Lindenberg
Eric Burdon
The Creation

Press & Exhibitions

Carl van der Walle looks back upon a number of interesting exhibitions and press reports;
here are 3 selected examples of which the original shots were kindly made available to us in form of PDF:

Portrait of Carl van der Walle in the magazine eclipsed Nr.172 of 2 Aug 2015. Dual show with Sebastian Krüger at Pock' n' Pop Museum Gronau in 2006.

Exhibition at V!P's International Art Galleries in 2008.
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Press quotes:

"Immediate encounter, confrontation without dodging.
This authenticity makes up the charisma of his photos;
breathing the commitment and the sweat of the rocker."
(Westfälische Rundschau, 10 February 2006)

"We see, in terms of a culture-historical context,a very important
representation of making music with high social function and an even
higher political meaning than we could imagine back then."
(Ruhr-Nachrichten, 10 February 2006)

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